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Fleet55 is the only meal prep delivery management software you need to take full control of your delivery operations.

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Fleet55 helps meal prep companies take full control of your delivery and delight your customers with live customer order tracking

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Features our customers absolutely love
Create Routes
Birds Eye View
Proof of Delivery
Driver App

Create routes for multiple drivers

It takes 2 minutes and a spreadsheet to import. That's it.

Fleet55 creates routes for multiple drivers from a single spreadsheet, or upload multiple spreadsheets for multiple drivers.

You can also optimize routes to prioritize the drivers home address so they end the route closer to home.

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Keep an eye on your entire fleet

Want to see your drivers progress? Maybe their current address?

The live map view will show every drivers location during the delivery route. After the route is done, location is shut off. Click a drivers name to auto center on their location.

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Make it easy for customers

Want to make sure your customers have proof of delivery? And we can't forget about your copy.

When a driver finishes a delivery, they can take a picture on the app. Your customers will get notified that the delivery is complete and you will also receive a copy of POD.

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Your drivers are in great hands

There are 3 sections in the app. Scheduled routes, optimized route, and navigation.

Everything is done within our app, your drivers never need to switch from one app to another. Drivers can receive updated delivery notes from customers in their route, real time optimizing path, and route optimization, and record proof of delivery. Ensuring the fastest run time, ever.

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My clients are now in the loop. They know exactly when their delivery is coming, and can update delivery notes while drivers are on route. Game changer.
James W.
Chef from Mealship
Takes less than 2 minutes to create routes. It's so easy.
Jessie U.
VP of eHungry
Switched over from another provider, routes are certainly running faster. Highly recommend this service.
Becky A.
Chef of Guardian Foods
Birds eye view, that's the solution. I'm never left gussing how my drivers are doing. My food gets to my clients doors.
Alexander C.
Chef of Alex's Kitchen


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  • Create multiple routes from a single spreadsheet import
  • Live tracking of your fleet
  • Driver Analytics
  • Driver delivery app


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  • Best for teams that have over 50 drivers