Gas Savings

Our route optimization and Driver GPS App reduces time spent during deliveries and gas consumption due to poor routing created for drivers.


Productivity Increase

Fleet55 provides dispatchers with the tools like delivery adjustments, fast manifest creation, driver location, driver metrics, shipping links and more.


Annual Savings

Our focus is on getting deliveries done quicker and dispatchers spending less time on operations for drivers.


Manifest Creation

With Fleet55 dispatcher an entire days manifest can be created in under 10 seconds for all drivers by organizing all the stops and automatically assigning them to drivers.


Build routes in less than 5 minutes

Got a list of stops and drivers? We'll handle the rest - there's no need to spend hours manually creating the perfect routes for drivers early in the morning.

Spreadsheet import

Export a list of deliveries and import it into Fleet55, within 2 minutes your routes will be ready.

Driver tracking

Track the progress of every driver, see where they are and have been.

Time Windows / Priorities

Did a customer pay for early delivery or request a specific time? Include this into the spreadsheet or add it manually.

The easiest route creation I've ever done. Everything is done quickly and the shipments are being completed faster than ever.

Aaron S - Owner and Operator at Aaron Errands


Track and manage everything

Ready to go paperless? With all the moving pieces involved with delivery there's a lot to keep track of, we can help.

Keep track of every driver

  • Drive time
  • Drive distance
  • Route taken
  • Gas cost estimate
  • Shipment tracking link

We used to take the time to write all driver information down at the end of each day. Now everything is being tracked automatically, saves us time and keeps the numbers precise.

Sam W - Dispatcher at Lion Freight

Fair pricing that scales as you grow

For 2% of what you pay your drivers, you could have them deliver 20% more packages.


    $40 /driver ea. month

    • Dispatcher Tools
    • Shipping Link
    • Live Map View
    • Driver Analytics
    • Driver App Access

      All our plans include

      • Create manifests in under 5 minutes

      • Send manifests to drivers with 1 click

      • Automatically collect data on your drivers and deliveries

      • See what routes your drivers took while out on delivery

      • Set delivery priority and time windows for delivery

      • Mobile GPS App for all drivers with real time route optimization

      • Easily adjust routes for drivers already on the road

      • Drivers workflow is organized through the app

      • Track the progress of your drivers with live map view

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