Plan your route in seconds. Save hours.

Map your stops with a single import for the fastest optimized routes.

Trusted by dozens of companies

Create routes with a click of a button

No more wasting time, adding stops one by one and adjusting until you find that perfect fit.

Our advanced algorithms take care of route planning for you! Fleet55 is that perfect dispatcher that gives insane efficiency.

Customers communicate directly with your drivers

The time of spending hours on the phone with customers is over! And they will thank you for it.Your customers can send delivery notes directly to the driver making their delivery, while the delivery is in progress.

How FarmStory is using Fleet55 to save 2 hours each day

Beth and Ethan spend their entire day in the kitchen, from sunrise to sundown. On top of those hours, Beth was spending 2 hours each delivery day taking adjusted delivery notes form customers.

With Fleet55, that time is completely eliminated. Letting FarmStory focus on what they do best- making fantastic food.

Driver App

Our driver app was built with 2 things in mind- efficiency and simplicity. Drivers receive routes and complete routes all within a single app. Every driver is equipped with all the tools that are required on a route.

All the while, keeping the business and clients aware of the drivers location.

Feature List

Take a deeper dive into what Fleet55 offers and why customers are choosing it as their go to software.

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