Route planning for retail

Retail is built around logistics, it reflects directly on the bottom line. A fleet should be run like a tight ship, every movement is accounted for and precise. Time spent on a poorly organized route is money lost. On the flip side, an efficient retail fleet will generate more revenue in folds- growing on its success. Fleet55 can take care of the logistics portion of the business. to ensure drivers, customers and the business are happy.

Core features

2 easy ways to create routes

Navigate without switching apps

Our advanced traffic-aware optimization finds and keeps you on the fastest route to complete your route. Every moment is key when delivering, our algorithms take no rest during routes, with every turn we re-optimize.

Shipping Link

All your customers will be up to speed on when their delivery will arrive. When your driver starts their route your customers will receive a text with a shipping link included.

Features customers love

Birds-eye view

Keep a view on the operations of your fleet while they are out on delivery.

With Live Map view you'll be able to see drivers exact location and their current address.

Customer communication

Did one of your customers have to run a last minute errand? No worries! They can send a note to the driver assigned to their stop.Your drivers will be notified via the app.

Simple interface

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